Tuesday, 17 December 2013

When asked to participate in this shoot, cupcakes and smaller cakes suitable for a cake table immediately sprung to mind. The best icing for a cupcake is buttercream and I have been falling in love with it as a medium of cake decorating partly because it is more edible and yummy than any other sweet icing I know and partly because of the versatility of buttercream allowing you to be so so very creative with a piping bag and nozzle. My inspiration for these creations are always real flowers. I study their anatomy and from that as a basis, I create and dream up new species. For example with a simple Wilton 1M tube and by making simple swirls that look like roses, you can create quite a spectacular picture. Add to this different colours and shades and sizes by using for example a #35 or #34 star tube and you will be utterly amazed.

Some of my very best tubes have been collected and purchased form junk sales. I have 2 petal tubes: a #65 and #66 made by T. Errington and Sons Ltd. Made from copper or brass and they are simply the best for rose piping.

Some of the very talented people involved are linked below:
Creation events
Paradiso flowers
Langverwacht wedding venue
Lauren Kriedeman Photography

Most importantly of them all is Lauren Kriedeman, the amazing photographer, who captured all my cake children spectacularly. Thanks, Lauren, for sharing all these beautiful pics and please view her blog for more...http://www.laurenk.co.za/2013/11/ombre-pastel-wedding/


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