Thursday, 28 August 2014

By now we all know that I am the very worst blogger of all times. My last post dated 17.12.2013 is evidence of this. I have losts to share though from my kitchen, so please bear with me as I try to not let the technology monster get the better of me.

I was going to just tell the story on facebook but thought this one deserves an upgrade to a blog post at least. So here I am, blogging again. Rusty, but I am blogging!

I have a friend who always says that the winter in Cape Town really only starts on the 1st of September, which is a very strange thing to say, but every year I think of her statement as we always have a cold spell then. This year she is right again as it is pouring down with rain, dark outside and cold. My thoughts go back to the wedding cake for Nazneen and Irfaan Pathan: 13th April 2014. The temperature was 42 Degrees Celsius and the wedding cake had to be set-up at, which is an open conservatory in Paarl with no air-conditioning. I thought to myself, if we can pull this one off, anything is possible. The chocolate ganache and granadilla passion fruit cakes were enclosed in pure white couverture chocolate frills and a large pink frilled chocolate flower adorned the top.

I arrived at the venue whilst starters were being served and had lovely chats with the wonderful caterers who, as in true Indian tradition, had me go home with parcels of food to feed my family for a week after. Their spicy masala chicken was simply out of this world and beautifully presented. Contact Nazeera on 0216967774  or  0798933407 for best Halaal catering.

Heike from as usual did a splendid job with decor and flowers. On day coordination was done by and trust me they had their work cut out in the heat.

Upon arrival the ambient temperature was no less than 41 Degrees Celsius. The cake was happy at the time, insulated in polystyrene packaging. I waited for as long as I could before assembling the cake and had to do this straight from the cake box into a Coke drinks frindge. The chocolate was melting almost the minute it was lifted out of the box!! We even had to cool down the marble cake table as the heat retained by the dark marble radiated so much warmth it would melt the cake in an instant. This was done with icepacks, no less, and all the guests looking at us wide-eyed as they have never seen a table being iced down before!

When we could not postphone the cutting of the cake ceremony any longer, the cake was placed on the table and the cutting of the cake was done. Well, we managed a full 30 minute display before the cake had to be taken to the back for cutting and to be served as dessert. We achieved what we set out to:
1. for the cake to be noticed and admired by all
2. for the couple to be able to do the cutting ceremony
3. for propper wedding cake photos to be taken
4. some display and brag time for the cake before taking the cake to the back to be served
5. for the cake not to melt away, fall over and disgrace itself.

All in all, it was a very hot but successful cake set-up with happy ever afters and I drove home with a smile on my face, a red bull in hand, lots of water and a sense of knowing that we can set-up fragile chocolate works of art no matter the circumstances. I also thought of our very brave bride holding out in her long sleeved wedding dress as is tradition no matter what the temperature on the day.

Nazneen's mom, Zaida, has just seen the blog post and followed up with this lovely email:
" Thank you  Kanya
I was totally unaware of  the drama around the cake!I was so worried about guest in that heat.Thank you for all the effort you put in.The day turned out to be a huge success in the end despite all my concerns. I have no more weddings to plan but am certainly pointing all friends and family in your direction.
Love and Regards


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