Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Our organically styled chocolate creations travel so well, especially our signature tower cake. Hard to believe you would say but true. All or most of our chocolate creations are transported in modular units. When the design is such as the tower cake or large organic pieces of chocolate, mistakes and mishaps can be hidden very successfully and simply blends into the design. Setting up the cake on the other side is also not that difficult. Perhaps it is easy for me to say but once gone through the motions you would easy do it again.

Here follows the very special story in pictures (some pics instant and some professionally taken by Thunder and Love photography of our 4 tiered white chocolate tower that was given as a wedding gift by Patricia Rabie to Dean and Monique Smorenburg:

The cake has arrived safely and will sleep cold until it is time to dance.

It's time...Breath in breath out...

Patricia possibly not breathing at all right now

A silent pause just before launching the top tier

Patricia possibly still not breathing...

There it goes down - easy peasy

Patricia has now been initiated as cake set-upper for the next Smorenburg wedding. She and the wedding cake have passed the grande test. Both are still standing.

A very proud and relieved cake travel and set-up team.

I LOVE this end pic. So Babette's Feast like.
Patricia's report back email read:"Die koek was n ABSOLUTE wenner en toe ons 1 uur huis toe gaan, was daar bitter min van die onderste laag oor!! en glad nie genoeg oor vir ontbyt nie!!!

Baie baie spesiaal, dankie!!!!!


Patricia Rabie

And here follows the professional pics telling the cake love story as best I have seen.

When we receive thank you emails from our couples such as Monique's, we know we can continue baking and designing wedding cakes for a long long time...

 "Hi ladies,

Just thought to share some pics of the phenomenal wedding cake we had at our wedding!
We are still overwhelmed by how delicious and beautiful it was. The cake was devoured on the night. Hardly a scrap left over the next day. So many people have raved about how absolutely amazing it was.

Thanks again Kanya for making this beauty and Patricia, for your generosity

Kind regards,
Monique Smorenburg


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