Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our naked cake contribution to the latest Wedding Inspirations Mag Spring 2014 has another story the likes of what dreams are made of. Look out for for this cover on sale now:
 And a taste of our naked cake styled twice:

The very same cake with the thinnest smear of fresh cream to still expose the inside of the cake. Fresh pommegranate pearls add a touch of colour.

 And this is our story:
With any naked cake on shoot there is no getting away with dummies and all the contributors had to expose the inner beauty of their cakes. Ours was a decadent dark chocolate fudge cake layered with dark and white chocolate ganache. Even for a shoot we do not compromise on quality of ingredients and also because I simply do not have any other chocolate in my kitchen than pure Belgian Callebaut couverture, the cake exuded with intense chocolate smells, begging to be devoured as soon as possible. After cutting and sharing some with our marvellous photographer Jilda Gildenhuys and her family I had to make a plan with the 80 portion 3 tiered cake. What better plan could there be than to donate this to a charity.

They say charity begins at home and this was never more true then. My assistant, Winkie, as been looking for a good school for her son, Luyanda. He will be starting Grade 8 next year. Throughout the year Winkie researched all the best schools she could afford and applied to a few. Did I happen to mention that Luyanda is a star pupil with top reports to boast? Our neighbour popped in one day with an advert to apply for Students for a Better Future and we all thought it to be a wonderful opportunity with nothing to loose. Somehow all at The Hunt House felt positive about this and we never doubted that Luyanda will succeed in his application. He went through numerous interviews and assessments and then the final call came and Winkie was informed that Luyanda was indeed awarded a full scholarship to Rondebosch Boy's High. Tears of joy were shed and even more tears when we learnt that Luyanda also quaified as a full on boarder! We still talk about this life changing gift everyday and Luyanda is so positive and so looking forward to next year.

The good news came at the very same time the cake called out to be shared. What better celebration could one have hoped for than to celebrate Luyanda's good news with his class and all the teachers who played a huge roll in shaping him for his future. We decided to surprise Luyanda's class, his teachers and staff at Imperial Primary School in Mitchell's Plain. More stunned was Luyanda to see his mom arrive with such a gorgeous cake. I, of course, could not get a word out as I am overcome with happy tears at the drop of any show of emotion. Winkie made a lovely speech thanking the teachers and pupils for all their support and almost all his class teachers over the years managed to pop in and share in our wonderful news and equally wonderful cake.
Winkie at her best.

From left: Grade 7 class teacher Trudy Hampe, Luyanda, me and Winkie

Winkie and Luyanda's grade 6 class teacher

Luyanda's best friend congratulating him

Luyanda with his grade 5 class tecaher

Luyanda's grade 1 teacher
Winkie and Luyand's grade 4 teacher

Winkie, Trudy and Luyanda

Luyanda's grade 3 teacher with winkie

Vice-principals and principal of Imperial primary next to Luyanda and Winkie

Luyanda and his Maths teacher, Mr. Prins


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